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Measuring roof perimeter example

Here is an example of measuring a home for a wind mitigation The metal patio roof is not considered in the calculations because it is not structurally attached. The roof perimeter is measured following the blue line The non-hip roof is measured following the red line. 12 feet for non-hip divided by 166 feet for […]

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Measuring and calculating hip and Non-hip roofs

Here is an example of a simple hip/non-hip calculation for the 2012 1802 form To measure the perimeter: 45+24+10+12+15+12+20+24 = 162′ To measure the non-hip(flat, structurally attached patio) 12+15+12= 39′ 39′ / 162′ = 24%  = non-hip

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Changes to the Florida wind mitigation form 1802

The New Florida wind mitigation form is planned to be released around February 1st 2012. Some big changes include: Flat roofs will be gone for single family residences. Gable end bracing will not be on the form and neither will wall construction type. All roofs will be included in the roof covering section A more […]

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